Story of Z

video, 2020

These catchy stupid video archives were chosen in purpose, to see how we are controlled by anti-intellectual contents.
The extreme narrative creates a fake dystopia, which is expected to be a warning.
Sometimes the scenes and sounds could be overwhelming, as the simulator of uncomfortable feelings in daily life.

In this fictional story of Z, obedience is a virtue:
Maids surrender to masters, rules surrender to capital, rationality surrenders to madness.
Girls will achieve their beautiful dreams as long as they work hard to please males!
You must never hear of the version that Joker turns Batman just by amusing people!
Being a happy gear of your great fan clubs, everything you did is so valuable and faithful!
Welcome to the spectacle world, enjoy music, dance, comedy, fantasy, elections, and live streaming!
Forget about your real life, to laugh, to shout, to be fanatics, and to vote by money!